Covid-19 Protocol

Our Covid 19 protocol will be in place to enable the salon to operate in the safest way possible during the Covid 19 outbreak. Subject to review and updates in keeping with government guidelines.

  • On arrival to your appointment and once you have been asked to enter the property from the main gate please bring your dog through first green gate closing it behind you. Then remove all collars, leads, harnesss before popping your dog into the grooming cabin via the 2nd gate. Take leads, harness and collars away with you.
  • On collecting your dog the same procedure applies and I will release your dog through the salon gate once you are through the first closed gate and you can then put collar, lead, harness on your dog.
  • Hand sanitiser is on the shelf just inside the cabin door for you to use.
  • Dogs are sprayed with Leucillin which is a safe antibacterial spray used on dogs anyway but happens to have been tested to be effective against Covid 19.
  • Dogs will then be bathed before any grooming takes place.
  • If myself or any member of my household has symptoms of Covid 19 then I will contact my customers to arrange an alternative appointment following isolation period.
  • Anyone with a cough or temperature please contact Sarah to rearrange your dogs appointment after your isolation period.
  • Under no circumstances should you bring your dog to their appointment if you or another person in your household has symptoms of Covid 19 or are in isolation.
  • During the current Covid risk times payment is preferred via bank transfer and this is payable prior to collection of your dog. Please ask Sarah to send bank details if you don’t already pay this way.
  • Cash accepted if absolutely unavoidable. Change cannot be given. No cheques please.
  • Thank you for your understanding in these extreme and challenging times.