Pricing Terms

Madison’s always aim to provide a fantastic service at a reasonable price. The pricing terms set out below explain what our prices include, and when it might be necessary to adjust the guide prices we’ve quoted.

If you have any questions on our pricing terms, please get in touch.

What the price includes

Please note a full groom includes all of the following: canine coat/skin/health check, ears cleaned, nails clipped as necessary, brush out and removal of any tangles/matts, bath using quality products , dry, style using clippers/scissors to your requirements, a spritz of canine cologne, a bow or flower and lots of tlc.

Bath and brush out prices

Bath and brush out prices are not applicable to heavy coated breeds, dogs that are matted or are outside of their recommended grooming schedule. This service is aimed at providing an in between full groom maintenance pamper to help owners care for their dogs skin and coat. No scissoring/clipping/de-shedding or removing of matts is included in this service and if these are required then the cost of a full groom applies.

Grooming prices

The prices quoted for grooming assume that your dog’s previous groom took place within a reasonable time. For example, with a Cockapoo, the quoted price will apply if he’s been groomed within the last six weeks or so. If your dog is long overdue for a groom, we’ll have to spend longer with him and therefore need to charge more.

Hand stripping

Hand stripping is skilled and time-consuming work. If a hand strip price is not specified for your breed, then I charge a flat rate of £30 an hour. As dogs vary so much in their breed, sizes, coat condition and compliance, this is the fairest option. This price includes the additional work needed to complete the full groom.

Show dog grooming

Prices for show dog grooming  are discussed and agreed on an individual basis. Following consultation with the owner, I take into account the time and skill requirements of the work and quote accordingly.

Fair adjustment in prices

I may need to make fair adjustments if grooming takes substantially longer than usual.

For example, dogs that are unusually large for their breed, dogs not used to grooming, or dogs with a lot of matting may all require much more time. They may therefore be subject to an additional charge. I will always be fair about this and warn you in advance where possible.

Missed and cancelled appointments

If you need to cancel an appointment, please give us as much notice as you can, so that we can offer your time slot to other customers. Notifying us of a cancellation the evening before a morning appointment doesn’t allow us to do this. If you miss an appointment, or cancel one at short notice, we may request that you pay a deposit to secure future appointments. We do use our discretion as we understand that exceptional circumstances do occur that can disrupt plans.

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